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Spirit Desert supports Wild at Heart

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Spirit Desert supports Wild at Heart
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Spirit Desert symbolizes that the spirit of the owl brings truth and wisdom.
Spirit Desert supports Wild At Heart, an organization dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arizona's native birds of prey through the rescue, rehabilitation, relocation and release of owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles; while educating the public through outreach programs. To learn more visit: www.wildatheartowls.org

Meet The Artist

Artist Face -- Valentina Ramos

Valentina Ramos

Originally from Venezuela, Valentina Ramos is a graphic designer living and working in Miami, FL. After many years working as a graphic designer, Valentina started to create other arts and crafts. From these creations, Valentina Design was born, her world of uplifting drawings and designs. Her love for artworks with intricate details are the signature element of her drawing style.

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