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Xen Garden supports SF Botanical Garden

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Xen Garden supports SF Botanical Garden
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Xen Garden represents “the essence of nature encourages inner bravery and courage.”
Xen Garden supports the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, a living museum within Golden Gate Park, offering 55 acres of both landscaped gardens and open spaces, with over 8,000 different kinds of plants from around the world. Their mission is to build communities of support for the Garden and cultivate the bond between people and plants.
To learn more visit www.sfbotanicalgarden.org

Meet The Artist

Artist Face -- Olivia Schoeff

Olivia Schoeff

Olivia Schoeff grew up in a small town in North Carolina. It was there, amongst the mountains and natural elements, that she realized her passion for illustration and began to use her environment as inspiration for her work. She is now living in vivacious town called Boone where she works as an interior decorator and continues to pursue illustration in all its forms, her favorite being print design.

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