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If you have a passion for what you do, the company you keep, the life you live, we may be just the place for you.



The Sak began as a company based on entrepreneurship and three key motivating factors or mantras – TAO: Trust, Action and Ownership. These ideals are apparent in all decision-making throughout the company spanning from employee selection, design and development, to our partnerships and how we treat our consumers. We apply our cornerstone principles of TAO to the organizational and operational structure of the company.


Our Culture

The Sak Brand Group exists to make work fun and healthy by creating a team environment whose players are driven by trust, innovation and a commitment to winning. We encourage our employees to take time off to volunteer for causes close to their hearts as well as hold company-sponsored volunteer days that also promote team-building.


Should you feel you would be an exceptional fit for our team and encompass the dedication, talent and commitment to offer innovative, fresh ideas, please send us your resume at jcale@thesakbrandgroup.com

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